Berkeley Springs Treasure Tour:
Swimming Pool

tour-swimmingpoolEast of the spring pools is the public swimming pool built in 1951 upon the site that for nearly two centuries held covered bath swimming pools. A Ladies Bath House was mentioned in 1816 and described in 1851 as having nine bathing chambers. In 1854, two large buildings were described: 90’ ladies with both plunge and individual baths and 82’ men’s swimming baths. Both were demolished and replaced by a single 150’ long structure designed and built by Henry Harrison Hunter in 1887 while he was Park Superintendent. It was divided into two pools, one for each gender. By 1921 the genders bathed together. The Victorian pool building was demolished in 1948.

Today’s swimming pool, filled with spring water and chemically treated as required by law, is open daily through the summer season.

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