Berkeley Springs Treasure Tour:
George Washington’s Bathtub

tour-gwbathtubA small stone structure between the southernmost spring pool and the stone wall that marks the base of Warm Springs Ridge is identified as George Washington’s Bathtub. In fact, this is a modern reconstruction of the primitive conditions prior to 1784 where early bathers, including Washington and hundreds of other summer visitors, soaked in springs-filled pools hollowed out from the natural terrain of the sandy hillside. The bathing areas were screened with woven brush and times were designated for men and women. By the 1780s bathhouses enclosed the springs for bathing.

This structure was first called George Washington’s Bathtub in 1930. It was also identified as Lord Fairfax’s Bathtub. The spring in this enclosure has the highest elevation of any in the park.

George Washington’s Bathtub Celebration is held annually on the weekend closest to the March 18, 1748 date that marks Washington’s first visit to the springs. The weekend celebration highlights history-related activities and retail sales.

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