Berkeley Springs Treasure Tour:
Courthouse Monument

tour-courthousestoneWalking north along the run as it meanders through the park, we see another stone monument. This stone is reported to be from the wall of Morgan County’s first courthouse (in the area now occupied by the Berkeley Springs Antique Mall) constructed by the Sherrard family in 1804. The Sherrards — and their formidable matriarch, Mary Abernathy — were instrumental in forming Morgan County in 1820 and sold the corner building to the county for its first courthouse in 1822. The building was destroyed by fire in 1844 and the courthouse was moved to its current location. John Sherrard, named on the monument, was Mary Abernathy’s son, an attorney and prominent political force in early 19th century Morgan County. In the early 20th century the monument was created and initially located on Fairfax Street in front of the Bridge Restaurant before being moved to the park.

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