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Berkeley Springs has been in the hospitality business since the 18th century. Read what folks are saying about us and come see for yourself why we are so special and the center of the universe.

Veterans Day in Berkeley Springs

Oct 25, 2023

By Chloe Riggs

I remember sitting in a history class when I was in school and learning that my hometown was part of the Civil War. Stonewall Jackson attacked Berkeley Springs before marching to the town next door. Despite that tragic moment in the 1860s, the town continued its tradition of healing.

Built around warm springs, the town of Bath is the epitome of relaxation. Many believe the springs located directly in the park contain properties that soothe and remedy wounds. Taking advantage of the healing energies, many of the local shops and practices promote relaxing experiences.

Atasia Spa, in particular, follows the idea of massaging all the worries away. Multiple friends of mine have visited the spa for various sessions. One friend in particular scheduled the Whirlpool Bath and loved every second of it. It was her first time at a spa, but the experience was beyond what she imagined. Not only did the staff welcome her, but the mineral water
soothed all of the stress away.

While the local spas are a definite must, I enjoy the Roman Bathhouse. You can schedule a private experience or enjoy a dip in the spring water with your family. The water is perfect for soaking at a 105-degree temperature. Another thing I think about when it comes to celebrating and remembering the people who risk their lives for others is how to heal the injuries and stress they endure. Berkeley Springs has a handful of local shops that produce and promote products meant to heal and
The Sage Moon Herb Shop sells various herbal blends. Personally, I am attracted to their homemade teas. They crush and combine the ingredients to create a fresh mix of herbs. Plus, each blend has its own purpose, such as aiding with sleep. As a tea lover myself, walking into the shop and seeing the varieties makes me wish I had a bigger wallet.

A little further down the sidewalk, is Marley Max Candles & More. Something I love to do, especially when it comes to relaxing at the end of a long day, is lighting candles of my favorite scents and curling up on a cozy couch with a good book. Marley Max Candles & More has some of the best homemade candles you can find.

In addition to shopping, participating in outdoor activities has always been an excellent way to reset. I especially enjoy walking. Berkeley Springs is filled with beautiful scenery, an added bonus to staying active. There is some calming aspect that comes from noticing the usually covered bark of a tree or listening to the chirps of birds.

Growing up, I loved walking the hiking trails littered around the town, such as the one along the C&O canal. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but it is near the PawPaw Tunnel, an incredible piece of architecture. The tunnel is roughly 3,118 feet and is perfect for an afternoon stroll or a shared cycling trip.

Of course, there is nothing more intriguing than an appetizing meal after a stressful day. Berkeley Springs is filled with various restaurants, ranging in taste. Among my personal favorites are Mary’s Vegetarian Cafe and Naked Olive Lounge.
Mary’s Vegetarian Cafe has a menu full of plant-based meals. Their “Amazing Fall Salad” and curry items are some of their best options. Using fresh ingredients, the chefs know how to combine them into mouth-watering flavors.

The Naked Olive Lounge, on the other hand, is a great upscale bar to go to on a chilly evening. They serve delicious entrees, shareable snacks, gourmet pizza, and some of the tastiest desserts. Although I cannot personally confirm, I hear the alcoholic beverages accompany the meals perfectly.

Booking a stay at one of the vacation resorts in town, lighting a candle as the sun sets, and surrounding yourself with the ones you love after a day of healing and restoring is a memory I want to continually relive. One thing I have come to learn about Berkeley Springs is that the town knows how to find the peaceful qualities of the world. The town of Bath is the perfect place
for military, first responders, and family to spend Veterans Day Weekend.