Taking the Waters

Historic Roman baths and contemporary spas

Berkeley Springs Spas

Spas, massage and bathing are high art in Berkeley Springs, available year ’round. Choose from centuries-old historic baths in Berkeley Springs State Park, fed by the famed warm springs, as well as contemporary spas offering a variety of massage, skin and health treatments.

Health and relaxation are primary concerns. The area boasts three times as many massage therapists as lawyers and is home to a unique manufacturer of homeopathic medicine.

What is a Spa?

In Berkeley Springs our spas are facilities that offer a wide range of health and beauty treatments and programs. All are staffed by professionals and are open daily, year ’round. Appointments are recommended on weekends. Each spa provides services to both men and women regardless of where they may be lodging or whether they are simply in town for the day. Any required towels, robes or supplies are provided. Since there are many types of treatments, packages and prices, we urge you to check out each facility’s website then call them with additional questions and to arrange appointments. It is appropriate to tip the person working on you.