Can’t-miss places to unwind in Berkeley Springs

by for Travel Berkeley Springs Mar 13, 2023

In the 1970s, artists flocked to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, because it met three important requirements: It was conveniently located near large population centers; the mineral springs brought tourists willing to buy mementos; and it had relatively cheap housing.

Fifty years later, Berkeley Springs is still home to a vibrant arts community. The town provides recreation for all ages, including unique shops, outdoor activities and a full calendar of yearly events…

You Will Never Believe These Facts About Berkeley Springs

by Chloe Riggs for Travel Berkeley Springs Feb 28, 2023

BERKELEY SPRINGS is a town built with history. Since the beginning, many intriguing people
have visited the wonderful destination. Throughout the years, the landmarks of Berkeley Springs
have only flourished and become more vibrant with age. Its welcoming community has spread its
arms wide to any and all visitors.
In 1748, George Washington came across Berkeley Springs during his surveying…  

What Can't You Do in Berkeley Springs?

by Chloe Riggs for Travel Berkeley Springs Feb 28, 2023

EVERY DAY IS UNIQUE in wonderful Berkeley Springs. From craft stores to delicious independent restaurants, the town has it all! One of the special things about this place is its various outdoor activities: hiking, kayaking, swimming, golfing, bicycling, etc. Berkeley Springs is truly a home and destination for a wide range of people. Listed below is a compilation of mostof the attractions in Berkeley Springs…

Loudoun Times-Mirror: Why You Should Spend the Weekend in Berkeley Springs

by Elizabeth Stinnette for Travel Berkeley Springs Feb 16, 2023

As I dropped my backpack inside the spacious Lodge at Camp Potomac Peak, just outside Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, my hosts Jeff and Sam DuVal encouraged me to wake for the sunrise…