Town was abuzz 100 years ago with a remarkable feat. Yellow brick pavers turned Fairfax Street in the heart of downtown from a 150-year-old wide but muddy road into a solid surface with a garden strip in the center of its east side. Berkeley Springs was ready for the age of the automobile.

Here we are in 2016, a century later, improving Fairfax Street so it can serve our residents, visitors and businesses for another hundred years. Town is once again abuzz.

This major improvement will take some work and that means three blocks in the center of town will be a mess for the season as the work moves along the first block of North Washington Street and Fairfax Street both east and west. Work is planned only for weekdays and every effort will be made to not disrupt access to your favorite stores and restaurants which will remain open their usual hours. Plan to come see us and watch the progress.

This ambitious Streetscape project features new sidewalks, curbs, lighting and landscaping. Two blocks of Fairfax Street will be pothole free and have new pavers. Streets will be more walkable, ADA standards and green technology will be introduced, many drainage problems will disappear.

At various times on-street parking in construction areas will be removed but there are options on side streets to the north of town center.

Getting ready for the next 100 years takes some doing. Stay with us and you’ll be amazed and delighted at how the charm of downtown remains while the rough spots are smoothed.

Construction Update May 4:

AND WE’RE OFF! Streetscapes ’16 has begun!! Crews have started removing the bricks along Washington Street to save them for future town projects and saw cuts have been made in the concrete sidewalks to prepare for demolition. The bushes along the north side of Berkeley Springs State Park have been removed and water line work next to the Museum is starting soon. Businesses are open as usual. Please remember parking is off limits in construction zones along Washington and Fairfax Streets so use side streets and public lots.



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