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Building a New You in Berkeley Springs By Chloe Riggs

Dec 18, 2023

Creating resolutions for the New Year tends to be a daunting task. You are struck with the
challenging self-reflection where you look back on the past and try to pick out the flaws you
have buried deep. Then, you pin those flaws to the fridge with a five-step plan on how to change
those ways only to maybe fulfill the first step and give up by the second.

To me, the whole process should just be fast-forwarded. Why fight history that is bound
to repeat itself? But then I am reminded of the wise words of Socrates: “The secret to change is
to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Growing up in
Berkeley Springs, I find his point is true. The town is built on healing and relaxation, the utopia
for starting the next chapter of your life on the right foot.

To start, the Wellness Festival is the best place to refresh my soul and mind. The event
will be held at The Country Inn this year on January 20, 2024. Mini spa services are offered,
alternative healers are present, yoga and stretching sessions are held, musicians and artists are
present, health products are offered and sold, and some specials are being offered at certain

I am looking forward to the mini spa services and the yoga. With the rollercoaster this
past year, a relaxing massage, even if it is not a full session, will release the tension in my
shoulders. Or, while I am not the most coordinated person, yoga is a great method of both
exercise and meditation.

Of course, I will not be passing up the products and food present at the event. I am
already anticipating the sweet sight of the creative art on display. The scent of the soothing
mixtures littered around the event is already wafting my way. Plus, some participating
restaurants are offering discounted meals prepared to satisfy taste buds.

The short lecture sessions, on the other hand, are built to reset the feed the brain. Not only
are the lectures great conferences to learn new information about the body, but they are
substantial sources on how to heal your mind, body, and soul. It is the perfect experience for
anyone wanting to restart this New Year.

Following my plan for focusing on the future, I cannot forget about resetting the body.
Visiting the mountain bike trails at Cacapon State Park. The trails vary in difficulty but are all
full of beautiful scenery. I personally love to be in nature, and even more so being active in
nature. There is something so calming about biking up the mountains to the melody of chirping
birds with the peaceful landscape of the wildlife surrounding the trails.

By reigning in the New Year with the rejuvenation and recreation offered in Berkeley
Springs, I will be starting the next chapter of my life on the right foot. So, as Socrates suggests,
focus on “building the new” this coming year. Visit Berkeley Springs for some rejuvenation and