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Berkeley Springs has been in the hospitality business since the 18th century. Read what folks are saying about us and come see for yourself why we are so special and the center of the universe.

Berkeley Springs is the perfect halfway point

Feb 3, 2023

My sister and her family live in Pennsylvania and my family lives near Annapolis, and after years of summer vacations in Berkeley Springs, we’ve realized that your town is the perfect place to meet halfway with each other. Sometimes it’s just that we haven’t the time to go the whole way, so we meet for a nice afternoon at the springs and a meal at a local restaurant. Other times we meet in Berkeley Springs to trade kids for a weekend when school is out, or for a week over summer or Christmas vacation. On our recent stop-through, we arranged the day and time when’s Lighthouse Latte was open, as we enjoy their soup, salad, pastries, chocolates, sweets, and baked goods. A secondhand sweatshirt on a table near the entrance caught the eye of my five-year-old granddaughter because it had unicorns on it. When I asked the ladies if I could purchase it they told me that it was being offered to anyone who needed it at no charge, and asked if we needed anything else for that shelf of children’s clothing, toys, and books. My granddaughter felt so grateful just to have that one gift that she didn’t ask for more. We left a tip for the food we purchased that I hope showed our appreciation. They only see us 3-4 times each year, and they always make us feel like friends and valued customers.