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Berkeley Springs helps family with disabled vehicle

Feb 3, 2023

We were renting a cabin on Coolfont Mountain when the battery in our van died one afternoon. Roy’s sent a truck within an hour, jumpstarted our van, and led me back to their station where they could see that the alternator had to be replaced, along with both batteries. They needed to keep it overnight, and the van was the only vehicle that we had. But their staff took responsibility for driving me back to My family on Coolfont Mountain, also making certain my family had groceries (since we now had no way to get to town for food), got the repair done the very next day, then drove out to pick me up, as I had no other way to get to their shop. Then they only charged me for the alternator, as they enforced the battery warranty on both batteries with Interstate Battery. They wouldn’t take a tip or gratuity, but we’ve said many a thankful prayer for their kindness to a stranger.