About Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs has been in the hospitality business for more than two and a half centuries — and it shows. As you walk with ease around this small mountain town, you will understand why everyone comments on the friendliness of the people.

Stroll along historic streets, checking out the markers noting who original town lot owners were in 1776 when today’s Berkeley Springs was officially established as Bath.  Also check out our building plaques noting the year of completion in the Bath Historic District and interpretive signs expanding on local history.  Wade in the famed warm springs pools and channel along the west wall of the idyllic park in the heart of town — home of the historic Roman Baths. Pop in on shop owners or restauranteurs and make some new best friends. Discover forgotten treasures in several antique malls and shops. Explore the library housed in a building that is part historic home and part new construction and all prize-winning architecture. Slide next door to the exciting and evolving Ice House art center.

Berkeley Springs is safe. There are sidewalks and convenient blocks of shops and restaurants. You can easily fill a day and not move beyond the couple of blocks at the heart of town. The main square includes not only the park and quaint shops of Fairfax Street, but also the impressive County Courthouse newly constructed and opened in 2010 after a fire consumed the turn-of-the-20th-century version in 2006. The boulevard, entrance to the park, and scattered flowerbeds around town are maintained by the Foxglove Garden Club and change with the seasons.

If you head west from town, just a block or so along Route 9, you can peek through the trees and see the tiny town laid out at your feet — a view remarkably similar to that seen by guests at Berkeley Castle during its heyday in the late 19th century.

While the town experience is charming, the nearby wilderness brings the peace and harmony that comes only when you are immersed in nature. Just moments in any direction and you are scooting along the ridges and valleys that define the region. There are countless breathtaking drives and views along just about any road that beckons, some including the Potomac or Cacapon rivers. So don’t hesitate. All roads eventually end up back on one of the two main highways — WV9 and US522 — and there are no threats from local residents whether two legged or four. You’d have to work very hard to get eaten by a bear in Morgan County.

Spend a day, a weekend, a week or come for the rest of your life and you’ll know why we consider Berkeley Springs the center of the universe — a peaceful, beneficent and friendly universe colored green.