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Steeped in history

Nestled in the West Virginia mountains, Berkeley Springs has attracted visitors from around the world to its natural warm springs and unique, artistic culture. Since 1776, we’ve provided respite and relaxation, located only 90 minutes west of the Washington/Baltimore metro area.

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Closer than you think

Situated within a two-hour drive of many major cities, Berkeley Springs is a convenient destination for getting away from the hustle of city life.

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See you at Berkeley Springs State Park ... and all around town!

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Join Us for all the FUN this month!! 

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Come experience the BEST kind of winter blues in Berkeley Springs before the Spring Thaw! 

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Luck is a Funny Thing
By Chloe Riggs

Do you believe in luck? St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner with a trail of good
fortune. With four leaf clovers, wearing green and searching for rainbows, we are all looking forward to all of the little miracles in life.
If you ask me, Berkeley Springs is a town of miracles. Not only does the town house a
natural hot spring that has been known to soothe and heal, but it is full of little treasures. You can find the perfect gift for a special someone at one of the local shops. Mountain Laurel Artisans and Inspired Chaos are only a couple of local stores that sell handmade gifts and creations. Or you can meander to Jules to buy crystals, wind spinners, and other unique finds. Maybe you and your partner are a fan of Irish music and want to find an instrument at the Black Cat Music Shop. Or are you more someone who prefers to dance and sing along to unbeatable beats? I am a big fan of the live music events Berkeley Springs holds. Do you enjoy finding the hidden beauties of art? The MAC Ice House has a gallery full of unique paintings and art crafted by local artists. If you are anything like me, one of the most miraculous or luckiest things in life is finding a place that serves delicious meals. The Canary Grill or Mythical Pizza are among my favorites. From live music at The Canary Grill to an endless array of pizza creations at Mythical Pizza, it is difficult to choose between the two. Luckily, they are both open for lunch and dinner. Stop in at one of our 2 local breweries for a traditional green beer!
Among all of these treasures, there is one thing missing. The luckiest thing you can
cherish are the amazing people around you. So invite your friends and family for a trip to Berkeley Springs to spend this St. Patrick’s Day enjoying the little miracles around you in the beautiful Town of Bath!

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We're Closer Than You Think! 
Connected by interstates, the serene mountain spa town is:

100 miles — Baltimore
100 miles — Washington, DC
146 miles — Pittsburgh
165 miles — Philadelphia
179 miles — Richmond

Local roads decorated with beautiful scenery year-round are easy to drive even in winter weather. Nearby Rivers include the stately Potomac and the wild and primitive Cacapon.
Whether you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking & fishing or you prefer indoor fun like spa treatments & shopping... Whether you're looking for a romantic winter weekend retreat, a refreshing spring break, a vibrant fall leaf peeping escape or an adventurous summer vacation... we have what you need for a fun & relaxing getaway! 
Go ahead, plan that road trip NOW! 
See y'all soon!

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Find your ideal accommodation here : https://berkeleysprings.com/lodging/
It's Day 1 of THE 34th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL WATER TASTING at The Country Inn of Berkeley Springs 

more info on their page : https://www.facebook.com/events/1328598595207536
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Hiking snowy mountain trails, strolling through quaint town parks or browsing in a warm boutique ... However you like to spend your winter vacation days, we are your winter vacation destination. 
Pack your favorite boots and get ready to explore all the ways to SOAK IT ALL IN in Berkeley Springs this season! 

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Celebrating Our Presidents in Berkeley Springs (excerpt)
By Chloe Riggs

When someone asks me what I am proud of about my home town, one of the most
prominent things that comes to mind is how my town healed our first president.
Washington camped in the Town of Bath in 1748 when he worked under Lord Fairfax.
He immediately fell in love with the land and the local warm springs. Years later, he became ill. He decided to return to Berkeley Springs and soak in the hmineral springs. He came out healed and refreshed. He shared this phenomenon with others and continued to visit the springs throughout the coming years. Eventually, he hired James Rumsey to build him a house in town. 
Rumsey also aided the construction of the PawPaw Tunnel (a great location for biking near Berkeley Springs). 
Following construction, the Roman Bathhouse was built in 1784. It uses the water from the local hot springs as a spa type service. In 1815, the building was rebuilt. Today, you can book an appointment on a chilly day to soak in the 102 degree water privately. It is a relaxing experience that will refresh you to your core.
Washington wasn’t the only presidential connection to Berkeley Springs. Franklin D. Roosevelt also visited the town in his lifetime. Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet members had summer homes built in the town.
President’s Day is meant to commemorate the past and current leaders of our nation.
If Washington hadn’t been healed of his illness, there is a chance he could have passed away and not become our first president. It is this reason that I now like to brag to others how my hometown didn’t just save our first president, but it started the long line of presidencies.
Help us celebrate President’s Day in the Town of Bath. Visit the local museum to learn
more about our history. Travel to one of the many breathtaking sights in Berkeley Springs, such as Prospect Peak. Book a session to dip yourself in the soothing waters of the warm mineral springs.
Allow yourself to not only spend the day reflecting on history, but to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in Berkeley Springs.

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Our beautiful town was recently featured on Thrillist.com, a well-known travel website. Read all of their reasons for falling in love with America's First Spa, then come discover some of your own. 
Tap Into Centuries of Self-Care at America's First Spa
Read the Full Article HERE : https://www.thrillist.com/.../berkeley-springs-west...
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2pm-5pm AND 6pm-8pm
Berkeley Springs Brewing Co 

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Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting (excerpt)
By Chloe Riggs

Living on the back roads of Berkeley Springs, I have experienced multiple power 
 outages. The one that sticks out the most in my mind is from six years ago.
The worst part of the situation was our lack of water. The power was out all weekend and with four adult bodies, it can get pretty stinky with no source of showering. I still laugh at my brother’s comment of “is this what pigs smell all day?” Plus, the newest addition to our family needed his bottles washed and to be wiped down.
When I stumbled my way to the door for some air, I found the greatest treasure
known to man: water! Not just any water either. It was locally sourced bottles of water from the springs of Berkeley Springs. I remember taking a swig and nothing else compared to that refreshing taste.
It was at that moment that I realized why Berkeley Springs hosts an International Water Tasting event every February... or at least part of the reason. Berkeley Springs prides itself on being inclusive and supporting the underdog. The purpose of the event is to determine the best tasting water from around the world.
There are thousands of people who suffer everyday from a lack of water or contaminated water. Berkeley Springs holds this event to recognize this challenge and to bring to light the different waters around the world. 

The event takes place on February 23, 2024, from 1PM-5PM at The Country Inn.
Visit Berkeley Springs to take part in this free event. Follow it up with a delicious dinner from one of the restaurants located right in town. Or schedule a lunch reservation at The Country Inn restaurant to eat before cleansing your palate with refreshing water.
Spend the weekend prior getting to know the Town of Bath. Stroll down town and find your way into the local shops. Buy tickets for an evening movie at the Star Theater. Journey through the Ice House Co-Op Gallery to enjoy treasures from local artists before visiting a Spa or the Roman Bath house to soak in the warm mineral springs.

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Planning a trip to Berkeley Springs?

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